40+ Amazing Revlon Shades of Lipstick For Different Skin Tones


Lipstick has the power to change your facial appearance. If it is used alone or used with other makeup products, it has the power to bring your entire look together. Be it your outfit or a subtle/glamorous makeup look. Which is why finding the right shade for you is important.

So, how do you choose a lipstick colour that compliments your skin rather than washes you out? There are so many different lipstick shades out there available for all skin tones. Scouring the internet to find that one shade that works well for you is the drilling task that discourages a lot of people. Most people don’t even know that you’re supposed to purchase lipsticks that suit your skin tones. They think you just have to get a colour of lipstick that you like, or a colour of lipstick that matches an outfit you have.

If you’re one of those people, fear not, Revlon is here to the rescue. In this blog, we’re going to help you find your perfect shade of lipstick. But to do that, there are some things you need to know about your skin tone and undertone. So, read on to discover the lipstick guide for all skin tones that would teach you how to choose your lipstick colour the next time you shop.

Identify your skin tones/undertone

Knowing your skin tone and undertone is great for more than just helping you choose the best lipstick shades for you. But it is great for other reasons such as finding the right hair colour that suits you, or colours of clothes to compliment your skin rather than wash you out. So, figure out where you fall and that would help you guide you on how to choose the right lipstick colour for the different Indian skin tones and all other skin tones.

There are five different skin tones:

Skin Tones

1. Light:

This is the lightest skin tone of all. People who are light skin toned have less melanin which means they are likely to get sunburned quickly and easily.

2. Pale:

People with this skin tone have a light skin tone but with warmer shades of undertone (undertones will be addressed in a moment). People with this skin tone get a tan rather than get sunburned.

3. Tanned:

This skin tone falls between bright and wheatish. It is a skin tone for people who are tanned but aren’t wheatish.

4. Wheatish:

Wheatish skin tone has undertones such as warm gold or olive.

5. Dusky (Deep):

This is the deepest skin tone of all.

There are three different skin undertones:

1. Warm Undertone:

People with warm undertones have a certain hue around them and are mostly olive, yellowish or golden. They have green veins and tan easily without burning. Gold jewellery compliments their skin, and their nail beds are usually peach.

2. Cool Undertone:

People with cool undertones have a hue that is pinkish, bluish, or reddish, and their veins appear blue or purple. Silver jewellery compliments their skin and they don’t easily tan, rather they burn. Their nail beds are pink in colour.

3. Neutral undertone:

Neutral undertone people have neither green nor blue/purple veins. They can sometimes seem like they’re both. Just like warm undertones, people with neutral undertones tan easily rather than burn. Both Gold and Silver jewellery compliments them, and their nail beds appear both peach and pink, or neither.

How to choose lipstick shades for different skin tones

Here is a lipstick guide for selecting your lipstick shade according to your skin tones.

1. Light skin tone:

Lipsticks with pink hues go well with this skin tone like the Revlon Rise Up Rose. If you want to go nude, a pale shade of nude is best like the Revlon Dare to be Nude.

2. Medium skin tone:

For tanned to wheatish skin tone, mauve shades look great like the Revlon Audacious Mauve. If you’re thinking of going for a nude shade then a shade of nude that isn’t too pale or too dark would work best like the Revlon Superstar Brown.

3. Dusky skin:

Try out berry colours if you have a deep or dusky skin tone. If Nude is the way you want to go, try out darker shades of nude, one to two shades lighter or darker like the Revlon Chocolate Velvety or Dolled Up.

How to choose lipstick shades for different undertones

1. Warm Undertone:

Go bold, go bright with reds, oranges, or terracotta browns. The Revlon Really Red for example or the Revlon Look At Me

2. Cool Undertone:

Lipstick shades with blue or purple undertones work best for people with cool undertones like this Revlon So Lit lipstick, or Cha Cha cherry. Any bright cherry red, deep plum, or cranberry would be good.

3. Neutral Undertone:

People with neutral undertones have a wide range of shades to select from. Anything from deep wine to light shades of nude will look good. Like this Revlon Dare to be Nude or Get Noticed.

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How to apply lipstick perfectly

How to apply lipstick

Step 1: Ensure your lips are prepped before applying your lipstick by exfoliating it to get rid of a patchy finish. After exfoliating, moisturise it with a lip balm or a primer.

Step 2: Colour-correcting your lips to blend with the rest of your face is a great way to begin but isn’t necessary. Colour correcting works great when you’re going for a nude shade of lipstick. Skip this step if you feel the need to.

Step 3: Use a lip liner like this Revlon ColorStay Lipliner to line your lips. While overlining is in now, be sure not to overdo it. Follow the natural shape of your lips and use this lip liner on the outer edges of your lips blending it inwards.

Step 4: Apply your lipstick at the centre of your lips and blend it outwards towards the lip liner. Remember to apply a little and work your way to some more if you feel you need it.

Step 5: You can layer up on other shades of lipstick if you want to discover a new shade of lipstick. At this point, you can also use a brush to get rid of smudges and perfect the line.

Step 6: Blot your lips by folding a piece of tissue paper and placing it between your lips. Smack your lips against the tissue paper a few times. If you want to go for a more matte finish, place the tissue over your lips and apply some powder onto your lips over the powder. Do this a couple of times and you should get your matte finish.

Step 7: If you want to go for more gloss, apply some gloss over your blotted lips and you’re good to go.

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The shades of lipsticks listed above are just a few shades from the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick collection, one of the best lipsticks available in shades for all skin types. Revlon has a few other lipstick collections like the Super Lustrous - The Luscious Mattes, the Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lip colour, the Ultra HD Matte Lip Color, the Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse Hyper Matte, the Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish, and the Matte Balm.

Each of these Lipstick collections has lipsticks with the smoothest texture that glides onto your lips seamlessly. All these lipsticks are available in different shades. Get yours now.


Q. Which lipstick shade is most popular?

A: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice is listed as number one in this article by vogue.

Q. How do you tell if a lipstick is warm-toned or cool-toned?

A: Warm-toned lipsticks have a yellowish undertone, or orange, peach, or red. Cool-toned lipsticks have a blue/purple undertone. Scroll up and read “How to choose lipstick shades for different undertones”.