Summer Haircare Tips for Protecting Your Hair from Sun Damage

This summer season, do you also wish to prevent your precious mane from getting damaged by scorching sun heat? Do you know, the harsh rays of the sun can damage your beloved tresses in the same way as they do your skin?

But do not worry, in this blog, we have brought you some crucial summer hair care tips on how to protect hair from sun damage. Keep on reading to know and make the proper hair care preparations well in advance of summer. 

15 Summer Hair Care Tips

Haircare Tips

1. Deeply Condition Your Hair

Your hair cuticles, which are typically vulnerable to damage from external aggressors, can be protected by deep conditioning. Condition your hair with a good conditioner that nourishes your hair from within. Try your hands on Revlon’s Flex Extra Body Conditioner that penetrates within each hair shaft, thus preventing split ends and building extra strong, clean and flexible hair.

2. Use Scarves & Hats

Hair Trimming

Your hair may become dry from the sun's intense heat waves. Wear a hat to protect your hair from sun damage. Wide-brimmed hats, denim hats, and canvas hats are all suitable options because they all effectively protect your hair and scalp. To give an extra layer of defence, try wrapping a silk scarf around your hair before donning the cap. In this way, you can totally protect your hair. Scarves can also provide a whimsical touch to your attire.

3. Trim Those Split Ends

Trimming is necessary to ensure that there are no split ends in your hair. Cutting your hair also makes hair maintenance easier. The length of your hair is unimportant. In the summer, more hair strands are in the anagen phase, also known as the growth phase, which causes hair to grow more quickly.

4. Use Right Shampoo 

Shampooing your hair maintains its cleanliness and gives it volume. The heat and filth that comes with summer cause your hair to become greasy and dry. Therefore, make sure to shampoo your hair not very often but at least twice a week to keep it clean and to maintain the quality and hygiene of your hair during the summer. Choose a shampoo that will keep your hair healthy and help you fight hair loss. Try out Revlon’s Flex Dry & Damaged Shampoo which helps fight dryness and controls damage caused by external aggressors. It gives your hair the required shine, beautiful bounce and body.

Instead of using excessive amounts of shampoo on your hair, make sure to wash your scalp. If you properly cleanse your scalp, your hair will also be rinsed.

5. Stay Hydrated

You might be taking excellent care of your hair. However, neglecting hydration can hurt them from within. To hydrate your hair strands throughout the summer, consume a lot of water and cooling beverages.

6. Oil Massage Is A Must

Hair Oiling

Regular oil massage from oils like coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil keeps your mane moisturised and helps in improving the scalp’s blood circulation.

7. Reduce The Use Of Heat Styling Tools 

As much as possible, refrain from blow-drying your hair. Give the blow dryer a rest and try going natural if you can, as your hair is already subjected to a lot of heat throughout the summer and will certainly get dry if heat styling products are used more frequently. Flat irons should also be avoided because they will exacerbate already dry hair.

8. Tie Your Hair Lose

With a loose braid, you can control your hair the best and minimise sun exposure. Tight hairstyles tend to rip and pull hair, which can be damaging, especially if your hair is already dry from the summer's heat.

9. Use Wide Tooth Comb

Avoid pulling anything through your hair when it's damp because that's when it will break the most. Because brushes can tear and rip hair when they snag strands, wide-tooth combs are preferred when detangling hair.

10. Reduce The Frequency Of Hair Washes

Avoid washing your hair too frequently because this depletes the quantity of oil that is necessary for healthy hair. If you wash your hair too frequently, damage and unmanageability are more likely to occur. Although the summer heat is terrible, you should try to avoid washing your hair as often because doing so makes it more frizzy and tangy. Instead, cover up a bad hair day by donning your favourite snapback or putting your hair up in a high ponytail.

11. Sunscreen Is A Saviour

While covering up is still an option, whenever you walk outside in the summertime after applying sunscreen to your skin, brush your hands lightly through your hair to help protect it from the sun. Although it may appear ludicrous, the concept actually works. 

12. Keep A Check On Your Diet

Be mindful of your diet because eating poorly will always affect you in some way, and your body will reflect that. You'll be healthier if you eat better. You should consume foods high in proteins, biotin, iron, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients for healthy hair. Like water, your diet is essential to living a healthy life and preventing skin and hair problems. A balanced diet is essential for taking care of your body overall and your hair in particular.

13. Keep Stress At Bay

Stress is one of the main causes of widespread human hair loss. For healthy, strong hair, one should try to avoid or manage stress levels as much as possible. Engage in meditation, maintain your social life, and minimise your tension. Do not allow stress to rule your life; it can harm you very negatively in various other ways. 

14. Swimmers Be Cautious

If you want to avoid having your hair harmed by chlorine, don't forget to bring your swimming cap. To protect your hair from the potential harm of any absorption of chemicals from the pool water, shampoo your hair after swimming rather than before. This is one of the best summer hair care tips every swimmer must adhere to.

15. Try Your Hands On Home Remedies

The greatest hair masks for at-home use are egg masks. There are numerous more hair masks than egg masks, including chia seed and coconut milk masks, turmeric and milk and honey masks, and coconut oil and curry leaf masks. There is an unending variety of home cures for summer hair care; one can never have enough of them.


Summers are meant to be fun, this is the best time when you must head out with your friends for beach parties, vacations and much more. But if the stress of your hair refrains you from doing so, after reading this blog, we believe you can now book your tickets to your favourite beach location. A mix of useful tips from the blog above and the right set of summer hair care products from Revlon will take care of your tresses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Hair Care Tips

- Does coconut oil protect hair from sun damage?

Coconut oil has a variety of purposes, including preventing hair from sun damage. It has been found in many types of research that the saturated fats of coconut oil help in locking the moisture of hair while offering significant protection to your hair to stay lustrous and healthy even when exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

- How can I protect my hair from the summer sun?

Your best line of defence against the sun's rays on hot, sunny days, whether or not you use hair sunscreen, is to cover your head. A wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella, or wrapping a scarf around your hair will help shield your hair from sun damage.

- Can I put sunscreen on my hair?

It may be just as vital to use an SPF on your scalp and hair as it is on your skin when outdoors during summer. Before stepping out, apply sunscreen to your mane and around your hairline to help shield your scalp from fading.