The Art of Nude Makeup: Achieving a Natural, Subtle Look

Nude makeup is all the rage in the year 2023 and has evolved as a natural-looking makeup style adopted by top celebrities and influencers. It is a makeup technique that appears to be equivalent to no makeup, yet makes you look charmingly radiant and beautiful. This is because it enhances your natural features and puts them at the centre while softening other blemishes gently and unnoticeably. It gives you flawless-looking skin without the appearance of any heavy makeup. This makeup trend is known to have originated around 2016 when several models and celebs were seen flaunting their natural skin tone and no makeup face in public. So if you want to achieve this "barely there" nude makeup look, we have come up with an easy guide for beginners that should get you started. Subtle makeup looks can be difficult to get right as they require a light hand and careful strokes, but with our tips and tricks, and some good quality makeup products with nude shades, you will get salon-like nude makeup step by step in no time.

What is Nude Makeup

Getting a nude makeup look involves using skin tone-inspired shades and going for subtle natural-looking makeup without any bright colours or unnatural elements. If you are wondering what is nude makeup, there is no single way of getting nude makeup right for everyone. Your idea of nude makeup may be different from someone else's and completely depends on your natural features and what feels right to you. Upon that, we can add some magic from makeup products and nude shades and you have yourself a nude makeup look. But this does not mean that a nude makeup look is lazy or requires very little effort. Looking like you have no makeup on but still rocking those amazing features in your face can be done only with the right technique and products. Nude makeup not only gives a natural-looking vibe but also a sultry and smouldering look that will make you the showstopper at any party. It is a super versatile and practical makeup style that can work for offices, dates, casual parties and more.

How to Do Nude Makeup Step By Step

For achieving the perfect nude makeup look, each part of your face needs attention and needs to be prepped and cared for before applying makeup.

  1. Prep your skin: Cleanse your skin, moisturise it well and use a hydrating primer that will keep your face nourished even after makeup for a long time.
  2. Apply foundation: Go for a sheer type of foundation makeup that matches your skin tone and is not easily visible or prone to caking. Apply it in small amounts just to even out your complexion and let your natural skin tone show through.
  3. Conceal imperfections: If needed, you can apply little amounts of face concealer wherever needed to hide blemishes and even out your skin tone. You must blend it well with your fingertip or a concealer brush.
  4. Setting powder: Set your base makeup with a lightweight setting powder that will make sure your makeup lasts all day without any worries.
  5. Touch up eyebrows: Make sure your eyebrows look in place using a brush and fill in the sparse area using a brow pencil. In nude makeup, as you do not have any other makeup tools to rely on, you need to enhance your natural features whenever possible.
  6. Eye makeup: Go for a neutral eyeshadow depending on your skin tone. Apply it all over your eyelids and avoid shimmer. Go for shades like light brown or beige. You can apply a hint of eye mascara as well.
  7. Blush: Apply just a little amount of blush to add that natural flush to your cheeks if you feel your skin is looking pale. Make sure you choose a natural shade of blush and blend well.
  8. Nude lip colour: The lipstick is one of the highlights of the nude makeup look and will decide your look. So go for a soft pink or nude lipstick shade and later on blot it with a tissue for a natural finish.
  9. Finish up: You can apply a highlighter if needed on the higher points of your face that will give off a natural radiant glow when light hits your face. Make sure to apply it sparsely.


Remember, the key to getting an ideal nude makeup look is to apply makeup lightly and let it look as natural as possible, without overpowering your facial features. Revlon has a wide range of nude makeup products available in the precise shade you want to get the perfect and flawless nude makeup look. All you need to do is follow these steps thoroughly and ensure you are doing what feels right to you.


Q. how to apply nude eyeshadow?

A: If you are wondering how to apply nude eyeshadow, you just need to pick the right shade for you first. Go for a nude shade, such as light brown, beige or others which match your skin tone and also cover up blemishes. Now apply it evenly all over your eyelids in a thin layer.

Q. How do I look with minimalist makeup?

A: If you want a minimalistic or nude makeup look, it may sound difficult, but if you follow the right steps and use the correct products, you can get it done easily. Follow our tips for getting a perfect nude makeup look for your next party.