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    Introducing Low Fuss Yet Glamorous Nude Lipsticks

    Who says lipstick needs to be vibrant every time? Indeed, everyone appreciates a good bright lip, yet, nude lips can be as stunning and alluring, if not more. Every woman's makeup bag must include atleast one or more of these ultra-trendy and viral nude colour lipstick shades. 

    What precisely is nude lipstick and what distinguishes it from other types? Lipstick shades that are near to one's skin tone or that approximate the natural hue of the lips are referred to as "nude" lipsticks. In contrast to other glossy lipstick colours that are bright and dramatic, they offer the lips a more natural and subtle appearance.

    What is the Appeal of Nude Matte Lipstick

    The goal of naked lipstick is to give the lips a polished appearance without overdoing it or adding a lot of bold colours. The lips get accentuated without being overly noticeable after putting on nude lipstick shades, thus giving you an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Nude lip makeup complements some looks better than other bright colours, such as dramatic eye makeup or smokey eye makeup.

    Tips for An Easy Application of Nude Lipstick Shades

    • Exfoliate

    For a smooth base, exfoliate your lips. Lip exfoliation will help prevent the sometimes-unintended effect of nude lipstick on dry lips, such as making them look chapped and flaky. 

    • Layer Your Lips With a Lip Balm

    Always apply a thin coating of lip balm, such as Revlon Matte Balm, on the lips. Moisturised lips make a smooth foundation for applying lipstick.

    • Apply Lip Liner 

    Lip lining will help define your lips and give them a more polished appearance. This is crucial when applying a lighter nude tint, in particular. Choose a more natural hue, such as a neutral plum or chocolate or one that closely resembles the colour of your lips. Get yourself the most long-lasting Colorstay Lipliner from Revlon.

    • Opt for Moisturising Formula 

    Avoid anything that is overly matte because a matte formula can cause your lips to appear dry and flaky. You don't want anything that is very glossy or shiny, but you do want to seek a formula that is moisturising such as Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick.

    • Avoid Excessive Layering

    Too much lipstick may wind up looking cakey and heavy. Just put on 2 layers and you are ready to rock the nude makeup look!

    • Do Contrasting Makeup

    To avoid looking washed out when wearing lighter hues of nude matte lipstick, pair nude colour lipstick with a hint of colour on the cheekbones. Coral and soft, neutral pink hues go well together. A thin coating of bronzer on the cheeks can work if you want a really natural appearance and do not want to add blush.

    Here's How to Remove Nude Lipstick

    • Microfibre Cloth 

    More than just wiping down surfaces and clearing up phone displays, microfibre wipes are useful in removing lip makeup as well. To remove your lipstick, dampen the cloth and rub it slowly on your lips until they are clean. 

    • Lip Makeup Remover 

    When you're ready to remove your lip makeup, take a Revlon lip makeup remover shake the tube well, dispense the proper amount of substance onto the cotton pad, place it over your lips, and rub it gently until the nude matte lipstick comes off. 

    • Exfoliating 

    Exfoliating aids in removing the lingering and obstinate lip colour pigments. Apply a pea-sized dollop of the exfoliant to your lips after wetting the region around your mouth with warm water to exfoliate it. For around 30 seconds, gently massage the lip scrub across your lips before washing it off with warm water.

    Mistakes to Avoid When Using Nude Matte Lipstick

    1. Forgetting to Hydrate

    Lipstick is typically applied to bare lips. But that's not the proper course of action. For even and flawless lipstick application, you need to constantly provide your lips with significant hydration. Lip hydration is important since dehydration can result in dry, cracked lips. Before using lipstick, prepare your lips with a moisturising lip balm or coconut oil.

    2. Avoid Choosing the Wrong Shade

    Nude colour lipstick comes in a wide range of colours, much like foundation comes in many tones. Always select your lipstick hue with consideration for your skin tone, attire, and makeup you are going to put on for the eve. 

    3. Go For the Blotting Test

    Never skip the blotting test if you want your lipstick to stay on longer and look flawless. Simply apply the lipstick, place tissue paper between your lips, and then pull the paper back after it is dry. Get the best long-lasting nude matte red lipstick from Revlon. 

    A vital component of any makeup is lipstick. Depending on how well you execute it, it can both impress and depress you at the same time. Yet applying lipstick correctly necessitates a certain level of elegance, and that can only be achieved by being error-free. We really hope that our list of frequent lipstick blunders and tips to apply nude lipstick shades seems helpful to you.

    Factors to Consider While Buying Nude Lipstick


    Identifying your skin tone is the first step in choosing the ideal nude colour lipstick for you. While a shade that is too light will make your lips disappear and a shade that is too dark would defeat the goal of nude lipstick, this will assist you to determine the type of shade that looks nice on you.

    Light/Fair Skin Tone

    The lightest skin tones are those with fair skin, which is at the light end of the spectrum. Lighter skin tones typically have a warmer complexion than fair skin tones, which typically have a cool complexion. On fair and light skin tones, soft pink lipstick and pinky nudes will look best; however, avoid wearing anything too light or pale as it may make you look washed out.

    Moderate Skin Tone

    There are many different shades of medium skin, from medium light to tan to olive. A nude matte lipstick that is either slightly lighter or darker than your complexion appears great on medium skin tones.

    A modest blush pink nude lipstick colour that is just a little darker than your lips is what you should seek out. By doing this, you can prevent your warm, bronzed skin tone from being washed away by the pink shade's cold undertones. Also, you apply lip gloss to the middle of your lips to give them depth and dimension and to make the colour of your lips stand out.

    Dark Skin Tone

    Such beauties fall on the darker end of the spectrum and have the darkest to deepest complexions. In deeper and richer shades of nude such as brown or maroon lipstick, both darker and deeper skin tones will appear stunning. Our purple lipstick is a must-try. 

    • Skin Undertone

    Nude lipstick's entire purpose is to make you look youthful, radiant, and natural rather than washed out or unwell. Since Indian skin tones typically have a warm undertone, nude lipsticks with a slightly warm pink or brown hue will look natural and radiates the desired effect.

    • Keep Your Natural Lip Colour in Mind 

    The colour of your lips also matters greatly when choosing the ideal nude lipstick shade for you, in addition to your skin tone and its undertone. Before selecting one, take into account whether or not you have pigmented lips. Always choose a nude lipstick that is either precisely the same colour as your natural lip colour or just a shade darker.

    • Keep Options Open

    The truth is that you shouldn't simply choose a nude lipstick shade based on what your friend or your favourite beauty influencer is wearing. Unless you are satisfied with one shade, try out several. Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick comes in, which adds colour to your lips in one stroke, comes in 41 new nude shades, so don’t go by what others say, choose the coolest nude lipstick online which suits your skin tone and makeup look.

    Why Revlon

    At Revlon, you will find something that perfectly suits you, regardless of the colour or finish you're looking for. Use the most loved and adored nude lipstick to make a statement! Microfine pigments used in the formulation of the Revlon Ultra Lustrous Lipstick provide a perfect nude colour. Its ultra-creamy, saturated recipe is blended with Avocado and vitamin E, that hydrates and nourishes your lips. Not just nude lipstick online, we have a great collection of eye makeup products, face makeup products, hair care products, skincare products, mesmerizing fragrances products and nail colours to shop!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What colour of nude lipstick makes lips look fuller?

    A: The perfect shade of nude lipstick will match the undertone and tone of your skin. It should not be more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural lip colour or your complexion, respectively.

    Q2. Why nude colour lipstick is in trend currently?

    A: Simply put, they are elegant, polished, classic, and universally attractive. They complement everything and look wonderful on all skin tones and types of people. It is a fantastic option if you want to get an effortless style that will have you looking your best.

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