Liquid Eyeliner


    About Liquid Eyeliner

    We’ve all seen and maybe even admired someone’s perfect eyeliner. This is just one of the many eye makeup products that can change your look completely. There’s just something about this eye product that draws people’s attention. The different variations to which you can apply eyeliner help to enhance people’s different eye shapes.

    Eyeliner is one of the many makeup products that is used to accentuate the eyes. There are usually different colours, but the most popular is black and we love big, bold, and dark eyes. There are also different types of eyeliner like cream, pencil, gel, and liquid. Our range of liquid eyeliner comes in various shapes, tips, and sizes that provide you with choices to make application easy for your eye type.

    Over the years, eyeliner looks have evolved. We’ve gone from simple and basic eyeliner to winged, cat, fox, graphic, and lots more. These looks work differently for different eye types and it is up to you to figure out which look you want to go for. In doing this, you need to first figure out what type of eyes you have. The six main types are hooded eyes, almond eyes, round eyes, monolid eyes, upturned eyes, and downturned eyes. When applying your liquid liner, you need to take this into account and find an eyeliner look that enhances your eye shape perfectly.

    Eyeliner can be worn with other face makeup products if you like and it can also be worn alone. This depends on your preference. Before we dive deep and showcase all the amazing options of the best liquid eyeliner online at Revlon we have for you, here are some benefits of eyeliner.

    Benefits of Liquid Eyeliner

    • Longevity:

    Once liquid eyeliner dries, it stays on longer than other types of eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner may be easier to use but it smudges quickly and easily. For a more certain eyeliner that doesn’t smudge at all, waterproof liquid eyeliner should be your go-to. Our range of body fragrance products at Revlon also has a good longevity period as it stays on your for long periods of time.

    • Bigger eyes:

    Using the best liquid eyeliner can help create an illusion of wider or bigger eyes depending on the type of eyeliner look you go for. The cat/fox eye effect will help do this. A doe-eyed look can be created with our liquid eyeliner and mascara.

    • Sharper:

    If you want to go for a sleek perfect eyeliner look, then liquid eyeliner online is your best option. It can help you achieve that sharp killer eyeliner look without smudging. Our range of lip makeup products helps you achieve a sharp and clean kissable model-like pout.

    • Be creative:

    There is no law or rule when it comes to applying eyeliner. The sharp tip lets you get detailed with your look. Go for graphic eyeliner looks and have fun as you unleash your creativity. Our range of nail care products that include matte and glossy types of Revlon nail enamel in numerous colours allows you to be creative with your DIY nail art.

    • No touch-ups:

    Once you apply our waterproof liquid eyeliner online, there would be no need to excuse yourself to get some touch-ups. It stays on till you’re ready to wash it off.

    • Doesn’t drag:

    Unlike other types of eyeliner, liquid eyeliner doesn’t drag or tug on your skin. This is a plus as the skin around the eyes is delicate and should be taken care of. Our range of skin care products is created to keep your skin safe, soft, hydrated, and moisturised.

    Tips & Hack About Liquid Eyeliner

    There are different tools you can find at home that you can use to make the application of liquid eyeliner easier.

    • Placing sellotape on the outer corners of your eyes will help you have a clean and sharp winged look.
    • In place of sellotape, you can use bobby pins, the edge of a business card, dental floss, and even medical tape.
    • Do not slant your head, but look straight into the mirror when applying your eyeliner.
    • Give yourself a guide by first going in with a pencil eyeliner and then your best liquid eyeliner.
    • Go for short and precise strokes.
    • Use a Q-tip to clean any mistakes or smudges.
    • For a cleaner and sharper look, use some concealer and an angled brush to clean up the edges.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner For Beginners 

    • Prepare your eyelids and do this after you’ve applied your eye makeup.
    • Choose your liquid eyeliner online.
    • Look straight into a mirror.
    • Begin from the highest point of your eyes and draw short strokes outwards.
    • Tilt your head back and end the outer corner of your eye.
    • For a winged look, follow the natural angle of the lower lid and draw a stroke upward.
    • For a bolder eye look, begin from the inner corner of your eyes.
    • For fox eyes, draw a sharp left-inverted ‘V’ in the inner corners of your eyes,
    • Use a q-tip to clean up the edges or some concealer.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying Liquid Eyeliner Online

    • Consider the types of eyeliners available.
    • Keep your budget in mind. But always choose quality.
    • Consider your lifestyle and if a normal eyeliner would work ok, or you can go for a waterproof option.
    • Check the applicator and if it’s a shape and size that would be easy to use for your eye shape.

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    Q1. Which eyeliner is the best liquid or gel?

    A: Choosing what type of eyeliner you want to go for depends on you and what type of eyeliner looks you want to achieve with this eyeliner. For a sharp and clean look, liquid eyeliner is the best choice. For an easy blend, go for a gel eyeliner.

    Q2. How do you take off liquid eyeliner?

    A: Go in with a makeup remover or micellar water. Then proceed to wash your face with our gel face cleanser that will wash off the rest of your makeup easily.

    Q3. Is liquid eyeliner better for beginners?

    A: Liquid eyeliner has a short learning curve but it’s not impossible for a beginner to learn how to use liquid eyeliner perfectly after some practice. So, choose whatever you feel comfortable with. Starting with liquid eyeliner may be harder but would turn you into a pro in no time.

    Q4. How long does liquid eyeliner last?

    A: Our colorstay liquid eyeliner lasts for up to 16 hours. Choose from our wide range of liquid eyeliner options we have for you at Revlon now.

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