21+ Must-Know Makeup Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Makeup can be traced back to Egypt’s first dynasty when unguents were used as moisturisers and for anti-ageing benefits. Over the centuries, the evolution of makeup has been significantly impacted not only by the change in time but also by the discovery of safe ingredients that are now used in the makeup industry.

Eyeliners were used in ancient Egypt, ancient India and Mesopotamia as protection from the brutal desert sun rather than simply for aesthetic purposes. Eyeliners were produced with various materials including antimony and copper ore.

Similarly, blush can be traced back to ancient Egypt where a natural pigment of ground red ochre was used. In ancient Greece, crushed mulberries were used and the Romans used Vermillion. Some of the makeup used in the early centuries was toxic but now, makeup industries have found safer alternatives.

Makeup Step-by-Step Guide

The key to flawless makeup is a well-prepped base, which is your skin care routine. You’re going to be seeing all the makeup tips and tricks for beginners which absolutely anyone and everyone can use.

To start off, you’re going to need your skincare products, if you’re not sure what to get, then Revlon has affordable skincare products you can get to begin your makeup journey with a seamless base because that’s the trick to long-lasting and flawless makeup.

25+ Tips and Tricks to a Flawless Makeup (For Beginners)

For Face: 

1. Cleanse your face:

Grab your Revlon Gel face wash or Revlon Creme face wash and gently cleanse your face because you have to begin with a clean and fresh face. This would help get rid of any excess oil or impurities on your face and prepare your face for your skincare routine. These Revlon face washes help get rid of impurities, leaving your face not just clean but soft and glowy.

2. Toning:

Toning your face before your makeup application does wonders for the smoothness of your makeup onto your skin. Toning your face with the Revlon Toner helps minimise the appearance of your pores which lets your makeup fall flawlessly on your skin.

3. Moisturise:

After washing and toning your face, it’s completely bare, so you need to apply your moisturiser or serum to hydrate it and get back the moisture on your face to make it supple and glowy. The Revlon Serum helps add moisture and glow back to your face

4. Sunscreen:

Provide protection to your skin from harmful UVA & UVB by simply applying a sunscreen, the Revlon touch and glow sunscreen or any of the other range of Revlon sunscreen which (add the new range) is infused with aloe vera and protects your skin against UVA and UVB.

5. Prime your face: 

Primer helps create an even base for your makeup. If you have oily skin, get a mattifying primer that would create a blurring effect on your face. You can simply get the two-in-one product; Revlon Colorstay UV primer which is a primer and sunscreen in one application.

Now, your skin is prepped and you’re ready to apply your makeup.

6. Colour Correcting:

Colour correcting is one of the well-known beauty hacks in the makeup world. It refers to nullifying the colours on your face so you can start with a plain canvas which is your face. While colour correcting, think: opposites attract. Green colour corrector helps cover redness and blemishes, red covers your green veins, purple covers dark circles and spots/scars for light to fair skin tones, while orange covers discoloration for medium to deeper skin tones.

7. Foundation:

Choosing the right shade of foundation can be hard but here’s a makeup tip for beginners. Test the foundation in the area below your cheek and let it stay for a while before you decide if it’s the right shade for you. Revlon has a wide range of foundations for your skin type and in different shades.

One of the many makeup hacks is to wet your beauty blender or spray it with a setting spray. Using your finger, apply a little quantity of your foundation to a spot on your forehead and cheeks, in no particular order or uniform application. With your damp brush or beauty blender, dab on the foundation and apply it evenly around your face, except your eyelids and eyebrows. If you need more coverage, apply some more foundation and build on it. Ensure you have evenly distributed the foundation around your face, towards your ear, and down to your neck.

Their wide selection of foundations ranges from oily skin and combination skin, to dry skin and normal skin types. You can go for the Revlon full coverage foundation for better coverage. Check the other range of the Revlon foundation and find one that’s perfect for your skin type.

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Can’t find the right foundation shade?:

One of the secret makeup tips to getting your shade of foundation is to get two shades of foundation. Yes, you read that right. Get two shades of foundation that match your skin tone; warm, cool or neutral. One shade should be two shades lighter than your skin tone and the other should be two shades darker than your skin tone. Mix a little amount of each shade on a palette mixer or at the back of your hand, and check to see if it’s a match. Add more of the lighter/darker shade until it’s a perfect match.

This makeup hack would also be beneficial during the summer and winter when your skin tone changes due to the season.

8. Concealer:

Concealer, unlike foundation, shouldn’t be applied everywhere, only in places where you need correction. Concealers should be a shade darker than your skin tone, no more. Check out the Revlon colorstay full coverage concealers & Revlon colorstay skin awaken 5-in-1concealer to find your perfect shade.

One of the basic makeup tips and tricks for concealer application is to use it for highlighting technique.  For highlighting use concealer lighter than your skin tone. It should be applied on  places like underneath your eyes, right below your cheekbones, your chin, and the centre of your forehead. Other places might include the bridge of your nose, your laugh lines, your upper lip area and spots and scarring on your face that may peek through your foundation. Use a damp beauty blender to gently blend it out. Make sure you dab and not drag the product.

Different ways to conceal your eyes:

For full coverage, you can conceal your under eyes in an upside-down triangle before blending it out. For a more simple, no-makeup-makeup, clean look, dab a little bit of concealer at the corners of your eyes and below, and at the ends of your eyes. This will give you a simple and clean look, it is one of the best makeup tips for a no-makeup look.

9. Powder:

The setting powder is needed to set your concealer. Just like your foundation, your setting powder needs to be your exact shade. With a puff, apply your powder to the areas you have applied your concealer to lock your concealer in place. You can also apply a little bit in places where your foundation lies to last longer. This would help stop your concealer from moving which could create unwanted lines that look like wrinkles. Revlon has two types of powder, the loose powder and the compact pressed powder. The Revlon’s loose powder has no significant difference in its formula, the only difference with the loose powder and the Revlon compact pressed powder is the way they are packed. So, go on and select any of the Revlon powder that is convenient for you to use.

10. Contour:

Contour adds definition to your face, an artificial shadow or tan that brings your face back to life and makes it look natural. Contour the areas right below your cheekbones and at the edge of your forehead, near your hairline, as well as your jawline. Another place you can contour, if you desire, is your nose. One of the beauty hacks is to go in with a cream-based contour or a concealer that’s a shade of two darker. Then later go in with a bronzer or dark shade of powder.

Contour Trick:

Another one of the many makeup tricks and hacks is to use the end of a makeup brush or a pen/pencil to guide your contour application. Placing one end of the brush/pen at the corner of your mouth, slant the brush/pen until the other end is aligned with the top of your ear. Apply your contour above the brush/pen. For a more natural and seamless look, follow the natural outline of your cheekbones and contour right beneath it.

11. Blush:

Just like contour sculpts your face, blush adds a little bit of colour to your face. A sun-kissed glow isn’t just about highlighter, it’s about the colours in your cheeks as well. The Revlon powder blush gives you an easy application onto the apples of your cheeks and higher up towards your temples but not that far. For an even more sun-kissed look, you can dust some blush onto your nose.

12. Highlighter:

The final step to achieving that sun-kissed glow is highlighter. The Revlon highlighter comes in three different shades, peach, rose and bronze. Find the shade that suits your skin tone and compliments it. Apply your highlighter on top of your cheekbones, beneath your brow bone, on the bridge of your nose as well as the tip. You can lightly dust some on the centre of your forehead and your chin as well.

13. Setting Spray:

Spray your face with a setting spray after the application of your makeup. One of the makeup hacks in 2022 is to spray your face before you start makeup.

14. Blot your face:

If you have oily skin, be sure to have blotting paper with you when you leave your home with a face full of makeup. Blotting paper helps to get rid of excess oil on your face by simply dabbing the paper on your face and letting the oil soak up before moving to the next spot.

For Eyes

15. Eyebrows:

If you’re going for a more defined look, then here is one of the many professional makeup tips for having a flawless eyebrow; Don’t paint them! With a spoolie, brush your eyebrows upward and lightly outline your brows. Lightly fill out the scanty areas while following the direction of your natural brow shape with Revlon’s brow pencil. After which you can conceal beneath your eyebrow to evenly outline it as well as brighten your brow bone.

For a more simple and basic clean look, here’s an everyday makeup tip you can use. Brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie and use the Revlon Eyebrow Gel to lock your eyebrows in place as well as fill them up.

16. Set your eyelids:

Another of the many makeup tips and tricks/hacks is to prep your eyelids before you apply your eyeshadow. If you don’t prep your eyelids, the eyeshadow won’t be true to its colour. So, prep your eyelids with an eye base/primer, or simply your concealer. After evenly distributing the base around your eyes, set it with loose powder or a nude shade of eyeshadow.

17. Eye shadow:

Your eyeshadow should complement your skin undertone and enhance your eyelook. The Revlon colorstay look book palette are the colours to begin your makeup journey with. When in doubt, go nude and shimmery with Revlon So Fierce Prismatic Eyeshadow. Use matte colours on the outer corners of your eyes

18. Eyeliner and Kajal:

Revlon has a growing range of eyeliners and kajal to choose from. Cat eyes, Siren eyes, and fox eyes are all the rave right now, get those looks with these Revlon products. One of the best makeup tips to achieve one of these looks or any winged eyeliner is to use a sellotape. Cut a short piece of tape and place it on the outer corner of your eyes from the end of your eyebrow tail.

19. Mascara:

Mascara helps to darken and make your eyelashes look fuller. The Revlon Mascaras are pigmented, one being waterproof. Place the wand on your eyelash then wiggle and swipe and repeat that process on the other eye. For a fuller look, apply some powder and reapply your mascara again.

For Lips

20. Lip Liner:

Exfoliate your lips before getting started on this. If you do not have a lip scrub, you can make a DIY lip scrub with sugar and honey. Use a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and crack-free before your lipstick application. Line the outer corners of your lips with Revlon’s Lip Liner and apply your lipstick.

21. Set with powder:

One secret makeup tip to achieve a matte finish is to place a tissue on your lips and apply some powder on your lip over the tissue. Repeat this until you get your desired effect. Check out Revlon’s range of lipstick available in different shades.

22. Make your own lipstick:

With the use of petroleum jelly/vaseline and any colour of eye shadow, you can create your very own shade of lipstick. Simply mix a loose eye shadow with petroleum jelly/vaseline and apply it to your lips.

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For Nails

23. Nail Polish:

Revlon’s Nail Polish/Enamel comes in fun and vibrant colours you can’t miss out on. Finish up your look with these colours to suit your personality or your mood for the day.

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24. Makeup Remover:

Here is one of the most important makeup everyday makeup tips you should adhere to. Always take off your makeup before you head to bed and call it a day. The Revlon Makeup Remover makes it easy for you. It helps to break down your makeup gently so it’s easy to wash off. Rather than have you rub aggressively at your skin, this remover does all the work, you just have to gently rub it into your skin and wash off your makeup. If you did a full face of makeup, you might need to go in more than once to ensure you get everything off.


Q. What is your best makeup advice for a beginner?

A: Remember to have fun with makeup and also that makeup is meant to enhance your features, not cover what you already have.

Q. What can I use instead of primer?

A: You can mix your moisturiser with aloe vera gel, or you can use a BB Cream or Grease-free sunscreen.

Q. How do I do my makeup like a pro?

A: You can only get better each time. Read up and learn as many tips and tricks as you can and apply them the next time you do your makeup.

Q. How do I make my makeup look smooth and not cakey?

A: Make sure you have a well-prepped face before you begin your makeup. Your face should be well hydrated and ensure you use the right makeup for your skin type.

Q. Should makeup match face or neck?

A: Your makeup should match your neck and the side of your face. Your foundation should blend perfectly into your neck and shouldn’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

Q. How do I choose my makeup colour?

A: Know your skin tone; are you a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone? Whichever you are, try to emphasise your skin tone and not go against it.