Highlighters with Multiple Uses: The Ultimate in Versatility

It’s time for you to level up your highlighting game and get ready to glow like never before. From a full glam highlighting look to a subtle everyday highlighting look, you get to explore the different ways that can give you the exact look you’re going for. There are also various types of highlighters with multiple uses that you can add to your makeup bag. These highlighters make it easy to wake up and makeup without so much of a hassle.

Experiment with the different types and different colors of highlighters with all your different looks for various occasions. This way, you can narrow down some of your favourite ways to use highlighter for your everyday makeup look and your special occasion makeup look. Step into your ready-to-glow era that would set a foundation for your makeup journey down the road.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of highlighters with multiple uses that are available for you to choose from. The type of highlighter you select should work for where you are in your makeup journey and give you the look that you’re going for. We’ll also explore the different ways you can use highlighter to enhance your facial features in the best possible way. But before we dive into that, let’s take a closer look at what a highlighter is.

What is  Highlighter Makeup

So, what even is a highlighter and why is it an important makeup product?

Highlighter is a makeup product that brightens certain areas of the face to add a certain glow. Highlighter attracts light to areas of your face and enhances your skin tone as well giving you that lit-from-within glow that accentuates your features and structure.

Highlighter comes in different colors, shades, and types. It is up to you to figure out which type you want to use and the colors you would like to use to suit the different makeup looks you’re going for. There are also different ways you can use highlighters aside from the ones they are meant for.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of highlighters that have multiple uses which you get to choose from.

Types of Highlighter

There are three major types of highlighter with different formulations for you to choose from. Some of these types of highlighter are easier to use especially if you’re a beginner.

  • Powder Highlighter:

Powder highlighter is the easiest highlighter to use for beginners and it is the most common type. You can choose to go for any color or shade of powder highlighter. You may choose the right one for your skin tone or for whatever event or occasion you would want to wear it to. For daily use, go for subtle highlighter shades that suit your skin tone like Revlon’s highlighting palette.

  • Cream Highlighter:

The cream highlighter looks good on all skin tones and it also comes in various shades and colors. It gives a luminous look and can be part of the makeup you use that is in your everyday makeup bag. It goes on smoothly and easily, with just a little bit of blending required to achieve that seamless application that you would want for a flawless look.

  • Liquid highlighter:

In a serum-like formula, a liquid highlighter gives a more subtle look as it goes beneath your makeup. This gives a glow that seems to come from within. The formulation is pretty tricky to handle for beginners. The serum-like texture makes it harder to focus the product in certain areas of your face, hence, beginners should go with powder highlighter.

13 Multiple Uses of Highlighter

As we’ve already established, highlighter has multiple uses which you can use all together or separately and differently depending on the occasion. Some of the pretty common places highlighter is used on and for include:

1. Cheekbones:

The high point on your cheekbone is where you need to apply the highlighter to give your face that lifted look.

2. Jawline:

The jawline is a place that a lot of people contour, so highlighting just above the couture makes complete sense.

3. Cupid's Bow:

The cupid’s bow is the curved area at the centre of your upper lip. You can also highlight the line running from your upper lip up to your nose for more definition.

4. Brow Bone:

Your brow bone is found somewhere from the centre to the tail of your eyebrows. Highlight the area on your brow bone underneath your brow.

5. Inner Corners Of Your Eyes:

Brightening the corners of your eyes brings attention to your eyes and makes it one of the features that stand out.

6. Under-Eye Area:

There are many ways to brighten the under-eye area and a lot of tricks like mixing your makeup concealer with blush seem to work, you can add some brightness with a highlighter as well.

7. Centre Of Your Forehead:

As we contour the edges of our face including the hairline, highlighting the centre of the forehead with concealer and afterwards highlighter is not a new thing.

8. Centre Of Your Chin:

Highlighting a small area on your chin for a lifted look is a common makeup routine for a lot of makeup artists.

Some of the other alternative ways you can make use of highlighter include:

9. As An Eye Shadow:

There are matte eyeshadows and then there are shimmers where you can use the highlighter instead as they have similar look and texture. You may also choose to use a highlighter over your eyelids for a dewy look.

10. As A Eye Liner:

If you go for a matte eyeshadow and need something to elevate your look, you can use the highlighter as a shimmery eyeliner that draws attention to your eyes.

11. As A Lip Product:

If you feel like your lipstick shade is too dull for the look you’re going for, you can mix it with as much highlighter as you think is required for a subtle shine and glow in your lipstick.

12. As A Glowy Skincare:

Whether you choose to apply little or a lot of makeup, you can mix some highlighter with glow face serum or moisturizer to get the lit-from-within look for a natural and subtle glow.

13. As A Body Shimmer:

By mixing highlighter into your body lotion or oil, you can add a subtle glow to your body. This comes in handy when you’re wearing clothes that show off your hands, legs, or collarbone and chest area.

Now that you know the different ways you can use highlighters and the alternative or multiple uses they have, we hope you can adopt it and make it your own in the best possible way.


Q. What are the different highlighters used for?

A: They can be used for several purposes. The colors are there for you to choose from what you’re feeling in the mood for, or to match the occasion or your outfit.

Q. What is the difference between liquid highlighter and highlighter?

A: Liquid highlighter is exactly what the name suggests - highlighter in liquid form that gives a subtle glow beneath your makeup which makes it look like you’re lit from within. The other type of highlighter is the powder highlighter which is added on top of your makeup to give you that extra shimmery glow.

Q. Which type of highlighter is best for beginners?

A: The powder highlighter is best for beginners because it is easier to use, unlike liquid or cream highlighters. These highlighters can also be used for multiple purposes on different areas of the face.

Q. How do I choose a highlighter for Indian skin?

A: Use a highlighter makeup on the areas of the face that you want to brighten or bring attention to. There are certain areas like the highest point of your cheekbones, the bridge and tip of your nose, your cupid’s bow, etc.