How To Choose Lipstick for Mature Skin

Irritated by the skin wrinkling on your forehead? Wondering how you can delay, or at least smoothen the appearance of fine lines and signs of ageing? Well, we’re here to tell you, what will and will not work for your mature skin when it comes to makeup like choosing the right lipstick shades for mature skin.

Statistics prove the early signs of ageing like wrinkle formation begin to show, as early as the 20s, however almost 100% of people with mature skin have wrinkles, and fine lines compared to the select few who get it in their 20s.  

Why is it Important to Carefully Select Lipstick Shades for Mature Skin?

As we grow older, pulling together a makeup look is a much bigger hassle than it ever was. And, while there may be contributing factors like the lack of time, busy schedules, etc. making makeup a nightmare- the changes our skin undergoes have more to do with fearing makeup.  

However, the one makeup product that can take away all your makeup woes is lipstick. It is the difference between knowing, and not knowing which lipstick shade, and what type of lipstick texture works for you can make or break your entire look- this is why knowing lipstick shades for mature skin will help you stun at any age, and with ageing skin. 

As we age our skin loses its collagen content, becomes wrinkled, and even pigmented for some, and thus we find it hard to choose lipsticks that’ll complement our face, and help pull entire looks together. To lighten your burden, in this article, we’ll see which lipstick shades work best for mature skin. 

7 Ways to Choose Lipstick for Mature Skin

Growing older is a beautiful experience, but comes with a set of negatives. However, the few cons that accompany ageing won’t make you fear getting old, if you learn how to deal with them. 

As we age, our skin goes through transformations, consequently, so do our makeup needs. Many of these changes are not welcome changes but can be dealt with regardless. 

When it comes to lipstick, choosing lipstick for mature skin has a lot to do with the right shade, and formula can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. 

While choosing lipstick shades for mature women you must have the confidence that applying the lip colour helps your lips look fuller, drives attention away from fine lines, and nourishes your lips to give a youthful appearance altogether. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect lipstick for mature skin:

1. Consider the Ingredients:

An important factor in selecting lipstick for mature women is the ingredient list. Choosing a lipstick that is formulated with deep conditioning/nourishing components is advisable. You must look for lipsticks that come with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, etc. because ageing skin loses moisture quickly. 

2. Pay Attention to Texture:

The appearance of lines and wrinkles around, and in the lips becomes more prominent with age. Creamy or satin-finish lipstick is the best lipstick for mature women. Cream-based lipsticks work best for mature skin because they glide smoothly over these lip lines giving a soft, and even look.

3. Say No to Bleeding:

Often, due to the evident lines, and wrinkles that appear on mature skin, lipsticks tend to bleed easily. Make use of a lip liner to line your lips for a fuller appearance, while also creating a barrier that helps prevent your lipstick from messing up your entire look by leaking into the lines around your lips.

4. Seek Long-Lasting Formulas:

The best lipstick for mature women is one that lasts long and does not need touch-ups every hour. This provides you the ease of attending lengthy events, and functions. More importantly, excessive product use may cause build-up, which settles in the wrinkles/lines on your lips bringing more focus to your age, and mature skin. 

5. Choose Flattering Shades:

Mature Skin Benefit: Neutral shades like soft pinks, rosy nudes, and warm browns work harmoniously with mature skin tones. They provide a natural and flattering look without drawing attention to fine lines or age-related skin changes.

6. Ensure Pigmentation:

When choosing lipstick shades for mature skin consider the colour pigment. Selecting a highly pigmented lipstick, as opposed to a somewhat transparent-looking lipstick will provide you with even coverage. With one swipe, you are ready to step out of your house. A well-pigmented lipstick also implies vibrant shades, and minimum re-application thus, saving you a lot of time, and effort. 

7. Go Non-Comedogenic:

One amazing thing about non-comedogenic products beneficial for mature skin specifically is that they help keep oily skin, and acne/pimples free, and help retain moisture and hydration for dry skin people. The best lipstick for mature skin is one that does not have negative reactions on your lips and skin. Non-comedogenic lipstick won’t clog pores, help your skin breathe, and thus give lips a smoother look.


You must be more considerate towards your well-being. This means choosing better-quality products for all things like skin care, hair care, body care, and even makeup. Put more care into choosing makeup products for your mature skin as using the correct products will make all the difference to your skin health, and face appearance. 

While selecting lipsticks for mature women next time, you should consider the different ways mentioned above to choose the best pick concerning mature skin. These tips and tricks will come in handy when you go makeup shopping. By considering our tips you can make more informed purchasing decisions, and opt for what works best for your mature skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Q. What type of lipstick is best for mature lips?

A: It is usually best for women with mature skin to wear creamy lipstick that helps keep the lips hydrated. Cream lipsticks are advisable as they help avoid the appearance and deepening of fine lines. 

Q. Is matte lipstick good for mature skin?

A: Matte lipstick is not the most suitable lipstick for mature skin that clearly shows signs of ageing, because its formulation makes the lips dry quickly. The dryness of your lips deepens the wrinkles and also brings attention to the fine lines in the corners of your lips. 

Q. How can I make my older lips look younger?

A: The most crucial aspect to keep your lips looking younger is to take care of your skin in general. Using a lip balm with sun protection, and staying hydrated are good ways to begin. For ageing skin, you must exfoliate, and buff your lips lightly to keep them looking young. Using the right lipstick shades for mature skin also helps enhance the look of your lips, adding to the fullness. 

Q. How do you put lipstick on wrinkled lips?

A: To take away focus from the wrinkled lips you must first hydrate your lips well. Use a lip balm, preferably with gloss to give a fuller appearance. It is an excellent option to line your lips lightly during lipstick application to prevent the wrinkles on your lips from deepening. 

Q. Should a 50-year-old wear red lipstick?

A: Regardless of age you can always wear red lipstick, and rock it. However, if you want to avoid drawing attention to the fine lines around your mouth, and wrinkles on the lips it is better not to wear very bright red lipstick. However, you can always choose lipstick for mature skin with a brown/nude shade and reddish hues.