15+ Revlon Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

We know. It can be hard to find the right shade and color of lipstick especially if it’s your first time getting into the realm of makeup. Whether you’re new in the makeup world or you’ve been here for a while, finding the right shade of makeup products like lipstick can be tough. But what you need to know is that there is a way to simplify this process and make it pretty easy for you to always find the perfect shade for you.

India is big and wide and just like anywhere else in the world, we have people from different places who have different beautiful skin tones. We want you to embrace who you are by finding the right Revlon lipstick shades and color that complements your skin tone rather than contrasts it.

We know how it gets when you find a lip color that you can’t stop thinking about or imagining how it would look on you. But, don’t rush into it and get it just to satisfy your curiosity. Chances are the person you saw wearing that lip color and shade has a different skin tone and undertone from you. If this is so, then there is a high possibility that the lip shade won’t look good on you. But if by some chance, you both have the same skin tone and undertone, then lucky you.

There are different Revlon lipstick colors and shades available out there not for you to get or try out everything, but for everyone to have enough options to choose from. As stated earlier, finding the right shade can be hard but we are here to help. There is a wide range of Revlon lipstick shades for Indian skin tones available and you are likely to find one or more shades that are perfect for you and would complement your skin tone.

Knowing your skin tone and your undertone in the makeup world is just as important as knowing your body type and measurements in the fashion world. These are key points to finding the right makeup products, like lipstick, for you. Once you know your skin tone and undertone, it would be smooth sailing to find and choose the right shade of lipstick for yourself.

Types of Revlon Lipstick for Indians

Before finding the right shade of lipstick, you first need to know what type of lipstick you want to get.

Liquid lipstick became a staple in every girl’s purse not too long ago. Liquid lipsticks have more pigment compared to regular lipstick, and they leave a stain that lasts for hours to all day long.

Matte lipsticks are luscious and creamy lipsticks that have a smooth texture that is drying and are smudge-free and transfer-free. Matte lipsticks are the game changer in the makeup industry to get that clean lip look. 

Glossy lipsticks are subtle lips tints that provide the lips with moisture. These lipsticks hydrate your lips and provide your lips with nourishment to keep your lips shiny and chap-free.

Lip crayons are portable lipsticks to have with you and they have a lightweight and soft creamy texture. Lip crayons at Revlon are packed with amazing ingredients for the nourishment of your lips.

From all these types of lipsticks, you can choose which type of lipstick you want before choosing the right Revlon lipstick colors for you.

15+ Revlon lipstick shades for Indian skin

While bearing in mind your undertone,

  1. Light to Fair skin tone:

Lipsticks with notes of cool or blue undertones, like this Pink Velvet lip shade, are great for Indians with light to fair skin tones. However, if you have a cool undertone, avoid those and go for brighter shades that complement your skin tone like Scarlet Red lip shade or Striking lip shade. If you decide to go for a subtle nude color, something rose-y like Rise Up Rose lip shade would be a good option. Or you can go for a pale nude like Dare to be Nude lip shade.

  1. Medium skin tone:

For Indians with wheatish or tanned, copper-like skin tones, warm shades of lipsticks, like Cherry on Top lip shade, are the best way to go. Go for fiery shades which can add a subtle golden-like tan. You can also try out Love That Pink lip shade or Ruffled Feathers lip shade. If you decide to go for a nude shade, you can go for Audacious Mauve lip shade or Superstar Brown lip shade.

  1. Dusky to Deep skin tone:

Indians with a deep or dusky skin tone should try out Revlon lipstick shades like HD Passion lip shade or Non-stop Cherry lip shade. You can go bold also with our Berry Lit lip shade of lip tint. Try out different shades of nude, go for shades that are one or two shades lighter/darker like the Dolled Up lip shade or Lady Topaz lip shade.

The different types of Revlon lipstick colors are just samples of shades you can go for. There are a lot more different shades for you to try out as long as you know what to look for now that you understand skin tones and undertones. Check out the other Revlon lipstick shades and figure out which one would look best for you. For more details on how to find the perfect shade knowing your skin tone and undertone, read How to Choose the right lipstick shade for different skin tones and Undertones.


Q. Which color of lipstick is best for brown Indian skin?

A: You can’t go wrong with a nude lipstick that is a shade of two deeper than your skin tone. You can also go with other colors like red, pink, coral, etc that are also a shade or two deeper than your skin tone.

Q. Are Revlon lipsticks long-lasting?

A: Yes, they are. There are different types of Revlon lipstick colors and they all come in different shades and have different amazing features like 24-hours long-stay and more.

Q. How do I know my lipstick shade?

A: Indians have different ranges of skin tones and undertones. It is based on a person’s skin tone and undertone that you can find the right color and shade of lipstick for them.