17 Wedding Season Makeup Must-Haves For Girls

Wedding Makeup

Weddings are so special for every girl. Everyone wants to feel and look like a princess at their wedding. Our big fat Indian weddings are spread across several days with multiple functions and events which call for different looks and perfect wedding season makeup. From choosing your dream designer lehenga or saree to choosing the perfect jewellery you are busy making the wedding a gala time to remember forever. But no wedding look is complete without that perfect dreamy bridal makeup look. Along with your dream lehenga don’t forget the bridal makeup kit because the perfect wedding makeup products will make you the prettiest bride!

Your bridal makeup kit should contain essential makeup products for weddings that suit your skin type and skin tone. There are various makeup looks you are going to don for Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, the wedding, and after parties. Select the wedding makeup products according to your skin tone and assemble your bridal kit - it will be handy for the busy bride-to-be. In this post let us see some wedding makeup ideas and 17 makeup items for girls that are must-haves for all brides.

Tips to Choose Wedding Makeup For Girls

But first, let’s understand what should be the criteria for choosing wedding makeup products. Indian weddings are a gala affair that involves lot of dancing and grooving, binging on sweets (read: relatives doing mooh mitha) and of course some crying during Bidaai. So account for all the sweaty moments or smudged lipstick or kohl and even runny mascara! You must choose your wedding makeup products well to handle such emergency situations. Take care to choose a smudge-proof lipstick or waterproof mascara so that you can avoid any makeup faux pas during your dream wedding.

Here are 17 Bridal Makeup Essentials For The Wedding Season

Essential Makeup Products

#1 Primer

Wedding makeup for girls needs the correct application of makeup products in the correct steps to get that flawless radiant look. Your bridal makeup essentials kit is incomplete without a makeup primer because a primer helps you achieve that flawless base that will see you through the entire function. A makeup primer’s silky texture will reduce the appearance of pores, and the base makeup will stay on for longer with the help of a primer. If you have oily skin then a primer is your best friend. It allows your skin to be oil-free for a long time so your makeup won’t melt away! Revlon ColorStay Grip Matte Primer gives you the perfect matte look for 16 hours.

#2 Foundation

That perfect bridal look requires a perfect foundation that suits your skin tone. It is a common misconception that if you use a foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone it will make the bride look brighter. You don’t want your foundation to look too bright or too cakey which will make you look weird in all the wedding photographs. Choose a matte finish foundation since they are long-lasting and is closest to your own skin tone. If you have pigmentation or uneven skin tone, choose a foundation that gives you good coverage. Revlon ColorStay Full Coverage Foundation comes in 8 different shades and gives you full matte coverage without making it feel heavy on the skin. If you are having a day wedding or a beachside wedding don’t forget to get a foundation with SPF which will also protect you from the sun. 

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#3 Concealer

The best way to hide your dark spots or dark circles under the eyes for your big day is to use concealer. It is an absolute must-have wedding makeup product for that flawless makeup look. Brighten up the areas that have an uneven tone or pigmentation like the areas under the eyes, areas at the corner of your lips, or any acne marks. Pick a heavy-duty concealer like the ColorStay Full Coverage Concealer to conceal away whatever you don’t want on your face!

#4 Setting Powder

Do you want to look photo ready for the HD cameras throughout the events? A setting powder is one of the essential makeup products for weddings. Dust a bit of pressed-setting powder on top of your base makeup to cover imperfections and make your face appear matte. Use a ColorStay Pressed Powder or Revlon Loose Finishing powder for a flawless matte look or just for touch-ups if required. If you want to control your shine and make your makeup last longer use Color Stay Blot Setting powder. It will give you the much needed matte look and keep you photo ready all the time throughout your wedding functions.

#5 Eyeshadow Palette

Eye makeup can make or break a look. Indian bridal look is incomplete without heavy eye makeup and an eye shadow palette is such an integral part of it. Instead of getting single eye shadow, it’s a wise choice to buy eye shadow palettes for wedding makeup for girls. That way you have more choices and more combinations that you can use for your eye makeup. Indian weddings are a gala affair with multiple glam parties hosted at night. Skip the nude shades for the wedding day and choose bright pigmented shades. Revlon ColorStay Look Book Palette – Enigma, comes in 9 different shades in a combination of taupe, plum, and wine. It has matte, shimmer, and metallic shades for a high-impact glam look.

#6 Eye shadow Blending brush kit

Good eye makeup requires perfect products, technique, and skill for blending. Invest in a good eye makeup blending brush for that perfect eye makeup look. Skip using the sponge applicator, provided in an eye shadow palette, or your fingers to apply eye shadow. Try to bend them with a fluffy blending brush. Also, your brush kit must have an angle brush to create the winged eye shadow look.

#7 Waterproof Eyeliner

Indian weddings involve some amount of crying even if you are not the dramatic new bride. To save yourself from rivers of eyeliner flowing on your face, choose waterproof liquid eyeliners. You could have eyeliners in multiple shades like black, purple, blue or green depending on your chosen outfits.

#8 Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must-have wedding makeup product because you don’t want runny mascara during your Bidaai! Revlon Water Tight Mascara is water-resistant mascara that will last long on your lashes.

#9 Smudge-proof Kohl Pencil

For a similar reason, get a smudge-proof kohl pencil in your bridal makeup kit. Revlon 24 HR Kajal is a waterproof and smudge-proof kajal that will give you the intense black eye makeup look and will stay for 24 hours.

#10 Eyebrow kit

Your eyebrows do play an important role in making your bridal makeup look perfect. Apart from maintaining and grooming your brows accentuate them with a brow gel and an angled eyebrow pencil that comes with a spoolie. This will give you a perfectly sculpted eyebrow all day long.

#11 Blush 

Your inner glow is only accentuated with a blush on your big day. Everyone loves a smiling blushing bride. Use a slight blush in a rose or peach shade to give that little hint of color to your cheeks. Go with a powder blush if you have oily skin and choose a cream-based blush if you have dry skin.

#12 Highlighter Palette

In the latest makeup trends, highlighter plays a big role. It gives you the much-needed bling and glamour that every bride needs on her big day. A highlighter can have various textures and comes in different forms – liquid, powder, or cream. Choose one that suits your skin best. Choose a highlighter with lightweight and silky soft texture to bring out the glow and not make it look too much.

#13 Lip liner

Your pretty lips not just require a tint on your big day, it requires some TLC too for a few weeks before the functions. Use a lip scrub regularly to get rid of dead skin. Additionally use a lip liner to define your lips and prevent colour feathering or bleeding.

#14 Lipstick and gloss

No makeup look is complete without a big bold lip. Choose a lipstick that is long-lasting and smudge-proof. Today lipsticks and lip tints come in a wide variety. You can choose a matte lipstick, an HD finish Vinyl Lip Polish, a matte balm or liquid lip colour. Avoid bold lipstick with bold eye makeup. To balance it out use a light nude shade with smokey eyes and a bold red lip look with nude eye makeup. Touch up your lip shade with a glossy for shiny and glossy lips.

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#15 Makeup Setting mist

Makeup setting sprays are in vogue and is a bridal makeup must-have. A setting spray is the best way to ensure your makeup sets in and stays fresh a lot longer. Revlon PhotoReady Rose Glow Mist gives 24 hr hydration and instantly refreshes your look.

#16 Nail paint

Brightly painted nails on groomed fingers are a must for brides. Thus having a set of bright nail paints will help you choose what to wear for each event.

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#17 Fragrance

A bride with a beautiful fragrance is a bride that exudes happiness. Feel wonderful on your wedding day by smelling wonderful. Pick your favorite body fragrance like the Charlie Gold EDT in your wedding makeup products kit is never complete without some good fragrance.


If you want to look like a dream on your wedding then follow a good skincare routine for a few weeks. Healthy skin can be accentuated with makeup even better. Some of the other bridal makeup essentials you should include in your kit are beauty tools, makeup removers, and skincare products like serums, toners, and sunscreen o keep your skin healthy. A happy bride makes a beautiful bride!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you do makeup for marriage functions?

A: Makeup looks for marriage functions are very important. You could hire a makeup artist for each function. But instead of using their neither products which might not be sanitized nor suit your skin tone, it’s better to have your own wedding makeup products that they could use on you. Or you could learn and practice makeup on yourself for a month so that you can do the makeup yourself. There are tonnes of tutorials available online.

Q2. What makeup is best for dusky skin?

A: If you have dusky skin avoid using a foundation that is very light, choose a foundation that’s closer to your skin shade. If you have a dusky complexion, choose shades like coral, berry, or deep orange to highlight the eyes and cheeks. Avoid using beige and browns as they can make your skin appear dull. Go for lip shades like dark reds in the day and plum, wine at night.

Q3. What is normal makeup?

A: Normal makeup is different than wedding makeup. One uses normal makeup on a daily basis. The products could be of different formulations like a semi-coverage foundation or a BB cream instead of a full-coverage foundation.

Q4. How can I make my wedding makeup waterproof?

A: Your kit with wedding makeup products must include waterproof makeup products that will make the makeup waterproof and you won’t get affected by sweat or crying. Get waterproof eyeliner ad waterproof mascara to avoid runny eye makeup.