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    About Pink Lipstick

    Pink lipstick is one of the most glamorous and luxurious lip colours you can have in your makeup kit. You can transform your outfit and highlight your best features with the right shade and type of pink colour lipstick. Revlon has a wide range of pink lipstick shades as well as glossy lipstick, matte lipstick, liquid lipstick and more. These pink lipsticks are made with high-quality ingredients and pigments to give you an intense pink colour and hydrate your lips at the same time. These long-lasting lipsticks give you a stunning pink shade on your lips that lasts all day and helps you get all the compliments!

    What Is The Appeal Of Pink Lipstick?

    Some say pink lipstick gives off a playful, flirtatious vibe, while others believe it is a symbol of women being bold and the centre of attention. Whatever they may say, we agree that pink colour lipstick makes you look cool, energetic and seductive at the same time. This versatile colour can be applied in a variety of pink lipstick shades such as bright pink, dark pink, light pink and more depending on the occasion. Pink lipstick has become very popular owing to its amazing versatility as it can be used for many different occasions and skin types. This timeless colour is soon becoming a cult favourite yet again, so you can get ready to look at your most mesmerising self in a shade of hot pink!

    How To Apply Pink Colour Lipstick Properly

    Although pink colour lipstick may seem stunning and easy to apply, it can get tricky to make it look perfect on your lips. You need to take care of the following steps while applying pink lipstick to make sure it looks flawless.

    • Firstly, you must prep your lips with a lip balm to hydrate them sufficiently for easier gliding of the lipstick. 
    • Go for a lip liner which will give your lips a definite shape and prevent your lipstick from getting messy. Also, a lip liner provides a base for your lipstick in case the colour wears off.
    • You can choose the shade of the lip liner as per the lipstick shade. The liner must be a shade or two darker than your lipstick.
    • Now start applying the lipstick from the centre and move outwards for an even application. 

    Pink Lipstick Tips & Hacks

    There are some things you should know before applying pink lipstick that will give you the desired hot and bold pink makeup look.

    • Always choose the shade of pink carefully as per your skin tone. 
    • If you have a warm undertone, go for peach, warm fuchsia, rosy pink, hot pink or beige pink. 
    • For a cool undertone, you can prefer mauve, cool pinks and cool fuschia shades. 
    • For those with a neutral undertone, go for dusty pink, neon pink or a mid-tone pink shade.
    • If you are going for bright pink lipstick, make sure that it is the highlight of your makeup and avoid applying too heavy makeup on the rest of your face.
    • Always use a lip liner before applying pink colour lipstick which will prevent bleeding and feathering.

    Here's How To Remove Pink Lipstick

    A dark or bright shade of pink may become difficult to remove, especially if you have applied a darker lip liner underneath over your entire lips. So you must gently clean your lips in the following steps:

    • First, choose your lip colour remover. You can go for micellar water, petroleum jelly or an oil-based cleanser.
    • Apply the cleanser and remove the lipstick colour from your lips by rinsing.
    • Now exfoliate your lips.
    • Follow up with a lip balm.

    Mistakes To Avoid When Using Pink Lipstick

    • While using pink liquid lipstick, be careful not to apply too much as liquid lipsticks tend to be highly pigmented. Instead, go for a thin application of one layer after the other as needed.
    • Avoid sleeping with your pink lipstick on at night, and always remember to take it off using a suitable lip colour remover.
    • When you apply pink lipstick, make sure to coordinate the rest of your makeup and outfit according to it, otherwise, the attire may look out of place if you use bright lipstick along with excessive makeup.
    • Always apply a lip balm before applying lip liner or pink lipstick as it prevents cracking and drying of lips.

    When Buying Pink Colour Lipstick, Consider The Following Factors

    • Always choose your lipstick shade carefully and after considering your skin tone, undertone and complexion. 
    • Buy the best pink lipstick which has nourishing ingredients that help moisturise your lips rather than dry them out. 
    • Choose the lipstick shade based on your occasion and use.
    • You can go for a wide number of pink lipstick types, such as liquid lipstick, matte lipstick, glossy lipstick and more. You may go for matte lipstick if you have slightly oily skin, similarly go for glossy if you have dry lips and want to keep them looking dewy for a longer time.

    Why Choose Revlon?

    Revlon is a popular skincare and cosmetics brand that offers high-quality premium beauty products at an affordable price. We believe that makeup has the power to change the world, by using the right tools and products. This is why we offer a wide variety of face makeup products, lip makeup products, eye makeup products and nail makeup products online. You can also check out our skincare products and haircare products collection to get the most out of our exclusive range of products. You can trust us for our excellent and consistently performing products that never disappoint. If you loved our range of pink lipsticks, you will fall in love with the brown lipstick, purple lipstick, nude lipstick, glossy lipstick, maroon lipstick, red lipstick and more in our collection.


    1. What colour of pink lipstick makes lips look fuller?

    A: A lighter or bright pink lipstick shade makes your lips look fuller as compared to a darker lipstick shade. If you have thinner lips, you can go for a lighter pink shade that will make your lips look plumper.

    2. Do men like pink lipstick shades?

    A: Men tend to love pink lipstick shades on women, and will surely find Revlon’s pink lipstick shades irresistible.
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